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Alpha v0.010a - coming soon!
Latest News!

Update 9/01/2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday and gets everything they wish for in 2016!

Update 7/11/2015

What's up everyone?

Some of you have contacted me through Desura to be able to get future releases of the game. If you haven't done so yet, then send me a message in Desura (preferably with your email included). This way I can include you, when I send out info on how to get the next release of TQP.

Here's another update on the game's progress:

Three systems are nearing a decent % of playability, with the Canopus system being the most complete so far. It has a trade station where it's possible right now to trade resources. The trade station will also get an inn (for rumours) and a shipyard where you can buy trademark Free Trader Shikra fighters and their powerful frigate the Besra. There's also a science station orbiting near the asteroid belt that will have an outfitter, there you'll be able to buy a couple of items.

There's already some activity in the system, fighter patrols near the planet and asteroid belt and a frigate patrolling the entire system. There are trade ships coming in and out of the system and small shuttles zipping around the system for who knows what kind of reasons (they're very secretive, even I don't know what they're up to!!).

The Pollux system is also nearing completion, with it's alien infested asteroid belt and mining station (wip). At the station you can trade resources and hang out with some hard as nails miners. The miners fly Ball MKI utility ships also known as spherical coffins ... Out in the asteroid belt you can hunt alien lifeforms.

And then there's the (cursed) system Niushe, which according to legend, is patrolled by a centuries old dreadnought!!! It's also filled with traps (and loot) so be careful when you decide to go for a visit ...

Update 23/10/2015

Desura has gone bankrupt a while back. I was hoping for them to recover so I could get to the money I was owed, however no such luck :(

Since I lost a platform to sell my game on (which I really liked) I will be selling the game directly through my own website for now, using Paypal. I have also lowered the price of the game to
9,99 USD, since I no longer have to pay extra publishing fees to a third party. If you are interested in supporting TQP then head over to the purchase page.

Existing Desura customers please contact me through Desura to get up to date versions of the game. Only through Desura so I can check if you bought the game.

Update 21/10/2015

I am still working hard on the game. The release of v0.010a is getting closer each day. I know I have been promising this update for a long time but I keep adding new features :p it's hard to stop!

Take a look at the new gameplay clip I uploaded today on youtube. There's some fan service in there ;) ... I shouldn't tell but hell, near the end of the clip you'll see a Swordfish II and a Red Tail fighter. Also! I'm fighting a spice worm near Arrakis ...

As you can see I also made a fun website for the game. I had been putting it off for a very long time, never finding the time to do it until this week. I hope you like it. It's a HUGE improvement over the ugly previous website! (well imo at least)

I've been working on many things these last few weeks, I've got a very bare star system overview, where you can select the solar system you want to jump to by clicking the corresponding star.

I've started work on the first friendly / neutral faction:  the Free Traders. Friendly / neutral in game means that the factions system defense ships will help you when you are near their patrol routes, but ignore you if you are in trouble out of their range. Non combat ships will just fly past you and perhaps take a pot shot at your enemy but never engage them completely.

Right now I have 3 solar systems that can be explored but only one has events. By events I mean trade ships flying around from station to station, patrol ships patrolling, etc. The other ones are being worked on and populated, but it takes time ...